Shelton School


Serving Intelligent Students with Learning Differences Since 1976

Learning differences (LD) affect about one person in seven.   When Dallas families believe their children could be among this number, they turn to Shelton, the largest private school worldwide serving intelligent children with learning differences.  The school is a recognized leader in LD education serving students EC – Grade 12.

Dyslexia, ADHD, and speech and language disorders are only some of the learning differences that bring students to Shelton.  Because LD students can have a difficult time in a traditional classroom, their chance for success may be limited.  Shelton’s individualized, structured, multisensory program designed specifically for LD students helps build the skills to successfully further a student’s education.  The school also offers a full array of extra-curricular activities, from sports to fine arts.  Shelton has been the turning point for thousands of students.  They succeed and thrive!

Shelton combines a strong academic curriculum with a nurturing family atmosphere that considers the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of each student.  Shelton’s niche is providing positive, practical solutions to the problems of LD students.  Whether students leave Shelton to return to a mainstream classroom or head to college, they are prepared and ready for the next challenge.

Shelton also has a speech / language / hearing clinic, an evaluation center, and an outreach center, all open to the community.  Shelton provides extensive training for professionals and collaborates with UT Southwestern Medical School and UTD’s Center for BrainHealth on major research projects.

Shelton is accredited by Independent Schools Association of the Southwest.

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