Ep. 52: “There’s an app for that.”

Bursting the Bubble is back!

Merritt and Charles recap the snowy weekend. While you suffered power outages last weekend,  Charles spent most of that time at the airport. For the next time the snow blasts and your children are tired and hungry, Merritt knows the place to be.

Phone apps are all the rage now. Please support your local phone app developer Blake Copeland. On the other hand, Merritt warns parents about a popular, slightly disturbing app. And just wait until you hear which app was most downloaded.

Besides mayor, city archivist, and deputized ticket-writer, Merrit has dubbed herself the community e-mail-regulator after recent blast e-mails have made their way around the Park Cities. While intentions were good, Merritt wants to make sure nobody’s reputation gets tarnished.

Listen to it all below.

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