Dealey Dolls Up KidneyTexas



A professional illustrator, Park Cities fixture, and gung-ho model for our rotating fashion profile (“She’s Got the Look,” Jan. 29), Lynn Dealey is among the most room-brightening people I’ve met on the job.

That said, yesterday I got a heads-up from KidneyTexas about an announcement party for the 10th annual luncheon and fashion show, and it seems this year’s logo (above) is a Dealey original. Nice, huh?

Dealey tells me she came up with the idea while at lunch with the fundraiser’s chairmen — and sketched it on a napkin, then and there.

For your calendar: The big event is slated for Sept. 8 at the Anatole. Beneficiaries are the Children’s Medical Center clown therapy program and Camp Reynal.

One thought on “Dealey Dolls Up KidneyTexas

  • March 17, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    This is a fabulous logo.. way to go Lynn…and KidneyTx


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