The Internet’s Amazing, Isn’t It?

Eric Celeste is a senior content strategist for D Custom. I’m the managing editor of Park Cities People. We sit about 3 feet from each other. In the right light, the glare off our bald heads can be blinding to our co-workers.

In 2001, Eric was the media critic for the Dallas Observer, and I was an assistant news editor at The Dallas Morning News. Yesterday, while Googling in an attempt to find a story that I wrote about a year ago, I stumbled upon this letter published in the Observer on Aug. 9, 2001.

Empty Filler: Let me get this straight: Eric Celeste, your media critic, has sworn off reading The Dallas Morning News. Isn’t that like Roger Ebert swearing off movies or Robert Wilonsky swearing off comic books? This should make for some great reading in future editions of Filler. I can’t wait to read his scathing critiques of Park Cities PeopleThe Link and the East Dallas/Lakewood Advocate.

Dan Koller

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