House Candidate Wellik Launches Website

When I spoke with him at the end of January, just after he filed to run for the Texas House of Representatives, Democrat John Wellik said he hadn’t had time to formulate his top issues and legislative priorities. Seems he’s done some brainstorming in the past two months if his sleek new website is any indication. He wants to bolster education in public schools and universities, shore up North Texas’ transportation infrastructure, lower homeowner’s insurance rates, and clean up Texas air. In addition to the website, he has quite a presence on social media even though the YouTube link on his website takes you back to… his website.

Hartnett’s web presence is somewhat less extensive, but for the next legislative session, in order, he wants to fight new taxes and tax increases, fight unfunded federal healthcare mandates, require voter identification at polling places, use tax money more efficiently to improve public education, and increase law enforcement at the Mexican border.

Hartnett, a 10-term incumbent, has history on his side. In 2006, the last time he was challenged in the general election, he defeated Democrat Phillip Shinoda by 10 points.

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