Legacy Hillcrest Makes a List, City Staff Will Check it Twice

What do the Bush Presidential Center and the Legacy Hillcrest proposed development have in common?

They have both been thoroughly analyzed by City Hall.

Tonight was the night for the folks at Legacy Hillcrest, or at least that’s what the City Council’s agenda would have had you believe. But not unlike the March 8 meeting at which Dyer Street residents presented an 11th-hour list of suggestions to city staff moments before the council was to discuss, and perhaps even approve a zoning ordinanace, well… you get the picture. Community development director Robbie Corder will meet with officials from Legacy Hillcrest Investments to go over what the developer calls “minor adjustments to recommended development standards.”

If you remember (and you can go here if you don’t) the council set out some pretty specific parameters for the proposed Legacy development.  Some “minor adjustments” from the developer include allowing 136,000 square feet of usable space instead of total space, and incorporating the MF-2 tracts into the PD-zoned development.

Look for more specifics in this week’s Park Cities People.

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