Hermanovski Not Through With Reality TV

I interviewed Greenhill graduate Mila Hermanovski this afternoon. On last night’s season finale of Project Runway, Hermanovski finished third behind runner-up Emilio Sosa (left) and champion Seth Aaron Henderson (right).

Hermanovski has already moved on to another reality show, but in a behind-the-scenes capacity. She dresses the judges on Dancing With the Stars, as well as host Tom Bergeron.

“It’s a nice little three-day-a-week gig,” she said. “It gets my health benefits, and it pays my rent and my fabric expenses. And that’s for another month or so, just through the end of this season. I hope to be a full-time fashion designer, but it’s nice to know I have costuming, if I need to, to fall back on.”

Read more of my interview with Hermanovski in next week’s edition of Preston Hollow People.

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