D.C. Burger Joint to Land at Hillcrest Crossing

Who knows if In-N-Out Burger will ever make it to Dallas, but what looks like its spiritual sister from the east coast is on its way. Elevation Burger, an Arlington, Virginia-based gourmet hamburger chain dedicated to organic, grass-fed, and sustainably raised beef, is set to open its first Dallas location this fall at Hillcrest Crossing (nw corner of Hillcrest and Northwest Highway), which I confirmed this morning. Still trying to get someone in corporate or the franchisee on the phone for details.

Update: Spoke with Chris Lambert, a Elevation Burger co-owner who says the Dallas store could open by late summer. He also filled me in on the company back story. The first restaurant was founded in 2005 by native Californian Hans Hess, who moved to D.C. to work for a Congressman on Capitol Hill. Turns out, he also had twin passions for burger joints and organic food, so when he left the political realm, he did the only logical thing and founded an organic burger joint.

Since the company started franchising just over two years ago, it has opened seven restaurants, mostly in the D.C. Mid-Atlantic, and has another seven that will open in coming months. But it has plans within the next five years to expand that to 64, including five outlets planned for Kuwait.

Lambert said there’s a big focus on freshness. Beef is grass-fed, free-range, and USDA-certified organic, and produce is sourced locally and certified organic when possible. French fries are cut on site and cooked in olive oil. And the only reason there are freezers, Lamber says, is to keep the ice cream in.

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