Whole Foods, Meet Natural Grocers

It’s a ballsy move: putting an organic/natural foods store in the shell of a former Whole Foods Market, right across the street from the 800-pound gorilla’s gargantuan (though not as gargantuan as the one at Park Lane) new location. But that’s just what Natural Grocers is doing. The Denver-based grocery chain just leased 11,000 or so square feet in Preston Forest Village, says Kimco Realty leasing agent Doug Schoolby, right where the more modest WF incarnation used to be

This will be the chain’s second Dallas location. The wife shop’s at the one at Coit Road and Campbell Road. Think a less shiny, crunchier, smaller Whole Foods. She prefers it because everything there is organic and they actually put stuff on clearance–we get delicious non-homogonized hormone-free milk raised by Amish farmers in Ohio for not much more than what we’d pay for the non-organic stuff at Tom Thumb. Never seen such offerings at WF.

The store should open by fall, Schoolby said.

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