Nice Thought, Dallas Library, But How ‘Bout a Microbrew?

From time to time, my reportorial wanderings take me out near Bachman Lake. Not Preston Hollow per se, but part of our coverage area, which extends into Bluffview and its environs. Drawn like a moth to free Wi-Fi, I usually wind up at Bachman Lake Branch Library, which is shown in the picture above. Behind the beer truck. A desperate effort to appeal the the elusive 20-something male or a brilliant marketing ploy? I say both. But while I appreciate the thought, Dallas Public Library–and I do–I have to ask: Bud Light? Couldn’t we have gone for something with some flavor. I’m an IPA man, but I’m not picky. Plenty of good Texas microbrews out there. Rahr, St. Arnold’s, Real Ale. I’d even settle for a Shiner. But Bud Light?

*Note: The beer truck may or may not have been related to Village Liquor across the street.

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