Don’t Worry Bout the Pizza. You’ll Ride it Off When the Trail’s Built

Jay Jerrier, the man behind Il Cane Rosso, back in January.

Lee Kleinman, head of FoNHT, on the Oncor easement that will become the Northaven Trail.

Back in the day (e.g. Feb. 17) I wrote in the print product about the formation of the Friends of the Northaven Trail to support the yet-to-be-built concrete pathway that will stretch, after the first phase of construction is complete, from Preston Road east to Central Expressway, where there are hopes that it will be linked to the White Rock Trail on the other side of the freeway. Construction is slated to begin sometime after bonds approved in the 2006 bond election are sold in March 2011 and will probably wrap up at the end of that year.

Even further back in the day (Jan. 22), I wrote about the much-touted Il Cane Rosso, Naples-trained pizza maestro Jay Jerrier’s mobile pizzaria, settling down (sort of–for now, it’s just on weekend nights) at Chocolate Angel Too at Preston and Forest.

Was it coincidence that these two items appeared in Preston Hollow People just three weeks apart? Of course not. Because at 5 p.m. tomorrow evening until the dough runs out, the two will unite for dinner, the proceeds from which will benefit the FoNHT. There will be updates on trail progress. And pizza. FoNHT founder Lee Kleinman will be there. So will pizza. Would I be damaging my reportorial objectivity by saying the pizza is awesome? Then I’ll just quote a source, who wished to remain anonymous but is rumored to be located somewhere between my nose and chin, who says: “It’s f-ing delicious.” Well said.

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