A Glimpse at the Old Preston Center Neiman Marcus

True, I’m pulling a bit of a Wilonsky, but stumbled upon a vintage postcard, up for sale on eBay, depicting the 63,000 Neiman Marcus store opened at Preston Center in 1951, the retailing giant’s second-ever location. Didn’t know about that, but apparently it operated there for 14 years before moving a couple miles east to NorthPark in 1965. The store decor was “inspired by the art and culture of Southwestern Indians” and included Kachina figurines and a large mobile called “Mariposa” (butterfly), according to Wikipedia.

There’s a couple of pictures of Neiman Marcus II’s interior circa 1954 in the Dallas Public Library’s Dallas/Texas History Archives. And while a lot, including the Neiman Marcus, has changed at Preston Center in the past six decades, the parking garage looks more or less untouched. I’m just wondering what the arch is in the background.

Please excuse the watermarks. The official, clean versions cost $24.

The Mariposa mobile, hanging from the ceiling

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