Meet the Best Dad in Dallas

I was too busy yesterday  shuttling from East Dallas to Deep Ellum to Cedar Hill (for various stories to be published in coming weeks) and hurriedly cranking on copy on deadline to get around to posting this. But here goes.

A month ago I mentioned that I had been vested with the power of bequeathing the title of “Most Deserving Dad”, most likely to keep me out of the running so the conclusion wouldn’t be foregone. Chef Kent Rathbun, radio host Gene Gates, and yours truly judged 11 finalists for the award, which was sponsored by the Plaza at Preston Center.

It was an incredibly tough call. We were supposed to rate the entries from 1-10, and we explicitly forbidden from giving every single one a perfect score. I finally decided to rank them (I had two no. 7s) since I would have felt like an a-hole for giving any of these guys a less-than-perfect absolute score.

The ultimate winner was Steve Smith, whose slickly produced entry, submitted by his wife and kids, you can see above. Smith received various goodies from Plaza shops, which his family presented to him on Father’s Day.

Personally, I was routing for Carlos. He has lung problems but still manages to play catch with his sons and be a doting father. He also has a car with no air conditining and two windows that won’t roll down, and he takes his kids to Half Price Books to spend their allowance. But I think my choice might say more about me than anything.

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