Police, DA Dive For Evidence in ’83 Cop Killing

I’ve been up to the ears with deadlines and what have you for the past couple of days, so I wasn’t able to follow up more thoroughly on these police reports I came upon Friday afternoon, which indicated that DPD had pulled a motorcycle, four motorcycle engines, a safe, and a couple of gun parts from a pond in the 6700 block of Northaven Road. Looks like Candy beat me to the punch, as did the Dallas Morning News this morning. Police and District Attorney Craig Watkins’ office are looking for evidence in the 1983 killing of a Farmers Branch police officer.

An interesting side note: When I spoke with a woman who has lived next door to the pond for more than four decades, she told me that she and her husband used to hear cars being pushed into the pond all the time. It was always at night, and they never saw it, but it wasn’t uncommon for them to wake up to tire tracks on their lawn heading straight into the pond. So maybe those divers are finding a bit more down there than they’re looking for.

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