Speaking of Hillcrest Church, a Lawsuit

It took me five trips to the courthouse to get past a spate of bureacratic obstacles, but I finally got a copy of a lawsuit that was filed against Hillcrest Church on May 14. I’ll post the suit when I get back to the office and get it scanned, but for now, some details.

The suit was filed by Donnie Wiggins, a part-time musician, seeking damages for a fall he took on May 18, 2008. Wiggins, whom the suit says is visually impaired and “has mobility limitations that occasionally force him to use an assistive device,” was performing at the church as part of a fundraising concert. He made it up the stairs to the stage just fine by supporting himself against the wall. But on his way down, he slipped on the top step, tumbled down the stairs, and fell head first onto the concrete floor. Wiggins’ suffered “serious and disabling injuries” to his head, shoulder, elbow, and wrists from the fall which interfered with his music career.

The fall, the suit claims, could and should have been prevented. Hillcrest Church failed to ensure safety measures were in place for the fundraiser, failed to provide handrails and gripping materials on the stage, and failed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the suit alleges.

Wiggins is seeking unspecified damages for past and ongoing  medical bills, loss of income, and legal fees.

More as things develop.

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