Soon Brewing in Bluffview: Beer!

I’m going to put it out there: I love beer.There, I said it. So maybe I was a little overexcited when I heard that a real-life brew pub and “beer boutique” will be opening in Bluffview. Come September (assuming all goes well), Disney Streets resident Nick Griffin will open the Civic Tap Room on Lovers Lane at Bluffview Boulevard.

The concept is a bit different from your typical beer emporium (the Meddlesome Moths, Flying Saucers, and Old Monks of the world), Griffin said. The most obvious difference is that the 38-year-old Griffin, who has been a home brewer since he was an 18-year-old, will brew his own–A Belgian farmhouse ale to start with, then at some point maybe adding a lambic, which is trickier to brew. And rather than offering a mind-boggling array of beers from sundry corners of the globe, the Civic Tap Room will be dedicated to Texas beers.

“Good Texas beers go beyond Shiner and Lone Star,” Griffin said, acknowledging his use of ‘good’ was relative. “We have a lot better breweries [in Texas] than we think.”

So Griffin will carry not just the Saint Arnold, Rahr, and Real Ale that are available in your local beer-selling Tom Thumb, but a lot of beers (namely from the Austin area) that don’t have distribution this far north: Independence, Jester, 512, and so on.

And it should be mentioned that Griffin is, and will continue to be, a PGA golfer who plays in tournaments but mostly teaches lessons at the city’s L.B. Houston Golf Course. I haven’t had his beer yet (I will for sure in September), and, for his wife’s sake, I won’t burden him with the moniker of the “Tiger Woods of Texas beer”. Instead, I’ll wish him to be the fellow Aussie Greg Norman Ernie Els of Texas Beer?

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