ESD Gets a New Lawyer, Answers Suit

If you’ll recall, back in May, in the before-time of the Lamplighter suit, another prestigous North Dallas private school was sued. The Episcopal School of Dallas was sued by parents of a former student who accused the school of not doing enough to stop a 7-month-long sexual relationship between history teacher J. Nathan Campbell and their underage daughter, then kicking the daughter out once the affair was discovered.

Two weeks ago (June 11, to be exact), ESD filed a response to the suit. Not surprisingly, the school “denies each and every, all and singular, the allegations,” according to the court filing, arguing that Campbell’s alleged actions were “outside the scope and course of Campbell’s employement.” You can read the entire response here.

Also of note: ESD has a new attorney. Chrysta Castaneda of Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell replaced Don Godwin about a month ago. She said in an e-mail that she was enlisted by the school’s insurer. I don’t have the legal acumen to know how significant this is (if it is indeed significant). But it did happen.

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