Hillcrest Seeks Cheese Sauce Procurement Expert

For those civic-minded folks interested in pitching in to help your local public school, Hillcrest High School has a couple of opportunities. I’d tell you more, but I’ll let the job descriptions, sent to the Hillcrest community this morning, speak for themselves:

“Wanted Part I

If you are a shopaholic but certain economic realities are crimping your style, do I have a job for you!!! How about a nice line of credit at Sam’s, a guarantee of 2x per week shopping visit during the fall and personal fulfillment of feeding the masses.

If that sparks your interest to swipe the plastic, please reply to be part of the Purchasing Department at Café de Lakehurst otherwise known as the concession stand at Franklin Field.

OK, OK, OK so you will only be buying Gourmet Cheese Sauce (honestly it does say gourmet), Hormel chili, and 25 other standard items, but if you have 2-5 hours a week to be the supply side of the massively complex organization at the snack shack, please step up AND REPLY.

Wanted Part II

What, when, where – we need a calendar guru. You get the data, you input this in the calendar, that’s it, no caveats, no behind the back lures, no bait and switch. If you can get email and type you’re hired! Time commitment is small about an hour or two now, then maybe 5-10 minutes per week during school. With the added benefit that YOU will be the first to know about EVERYTHING AT HHS!”

Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] if you have what it takes.

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