My Fit Foods Inks Deal at Preston/Royal, But Not In PR Village

Update (5:02 p.m.) Jack Breard, leasing agent for the southeast corner, tells me nope, MFF’s not going in Chocolate Soup.

Update (9:42 a.m.): Pat Crow, who owns the property, tells me MFF is not going in the Shell station or next the the Mattress Firm, which leaves Cava and Chocolate Soup.

While back, I reported that My Fit Foods would be setting up shop at Preston Center and, down the road a ways (temporally speaking), would likely have a Preston/Royal location as well. Now it’s official, though the details are a bit vague. MFF signed a lease on a space at Preston/Royal on Tuesday, an employee at the Preston Center store told me yesterday. When Mark Corwin, the owner of the soon-to-be three Dallas stores, told me about the Preston/Royal space, I had assumed the pre-made, health-conscious takeout concept would be going into in PR Village (the north side of Royal Lane) since, with the Jamba Juice, Popolo’s, 7-Eleven spaces vacant, there was plenty of room and little hint that MFF wouldn’t be there. But, in response to my “Where exactly?”, Corwin responded cryptically. “All I can say is that I’m not going to be a tenant of Kim’s,” he wrote, referring to Kim Mangone, leasing agent for PR Village. So that leaves the southeast and southwest corners where there is, off the top of my head, the old Cava space (which I’d think would be too big), the under-renovation strip/Shell station where Mattress Firm is headed, and Chocolate Soup, which recently crossed Royal. The empty Washington Mutual building is, I think pretty much out of the question. Updates when the mystery is solved.

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