Please Call Us, Zinsky’s Owners

After hearing that Zinsky’s was closing its doors, I stopped by there for breakfast on Saturday. A skeleton crew of one waitress, one busboy, and one manager were trying to serve six to eight tables at a time. The waitress, whose name I didn’t catch, confirmed that Monday would be the last day of business.

After enjoying a delicious pumpernickel bagel with lox and cream cheese, two scrambled eggs, and a side of hash browns (hey, I was hungry), I asked a few of my fellow diners where they’d be getting breakfast without Zinsky’s as an option.

“I really don’t know the answer to that, because we took awhile to find Zinsky’s,” said Lyle Wilson, who found out during his meal that the place was doomed. “It was a delight when it opened, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to come here. We’re going to sorely miss it.”

Janis Baldwin used to live in New York City, “the home of the real delicatessens,” and she said Zinsky’s was a fair approximation of the places she used to eat there. “The closest we could get in Dallas,” she said.

Cub reporter Claire St. Amant has been leaving messages for owners Jim and Liz Baron, but she’s not having any luck reaching them. Barons, if you’re reading this, please call Claire at 214-523-5274.

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