80-year-old Pharmacy Leads the Pack

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Dougherty’s Pharmacy in Preston Royal Village recently launched a mobile website that will allow customers to fill prescriptions online. And they still deliver. It’s the best of both centuries.

DALLAS, August 17, 2010 –  Dougherty’s Pharmacy makes it even easier than ever to refill prescriptions and receive health information by offering new mobile web access. With the touch of a finger, customers are immediately connected to Dougherty’s new interactive website.

“For the past 80 years our top priority  has always been to offer the highest level of personalized customer service,” said Jim Potter, general manager of Dougherty’s Pharmacy. “When our customers need healthcare information or assistance, we want to make it easy for them to reach out to Dougherty’s – whether in person, by phone or online. Now, we’ve placed refill technology in their hands through our website and new mobile  website.”

Dougherty’s customers can now save time by refilling their prescriptions using the website’s online prescription refill tool. Customers simply enter their existing prescription  number, the first three letters of their last name, their phone number, and  their preference for either pick-up or
delivery. Then click submit to complete the  process.  It’s fast, simple and accurate.

“The new website was designed from  the ground up with an eye for serving customers,” Potter said. “Online prescription refills and the new mobile website are a tremendous resource for everyone, including doctors and veterinarians within our community. By creating these tools, we have opened  yet another channel of communication with our customers. This is just the first
phase in our plan to continuously improve the customer experience. We plan to make even more information, resources and functionality available via our website in the coming months.”

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