Couple Fights Crime with iPhone App

Is there anything an iPhone can’t do? Besides make clear calls, that is. But what is a drop-free call history compared to the peace of mind the $4.99 iCam app can bring?

Janet and Vincent Hunter were not at home Friday afternoon when two would-be-burglars were scoping out their Royal Place property from the back porch, but they still saw their every move. Thanks to a webcam positioned near the back door and the streaming video provided by iCam software, Vincent was alerted of movement in his backyard on his iPhone. He promptly called the police, and although the miscreants got away, at least they were empty-handed.

The iCam software coupled with a home alarm system kept the burglars from entering the property after they had smashed the glass door. The above video shows the two burglars peeping inside and searching around for a suitable object to break the window with before fleeing the scene. The camera was still running when the police arrived, and two officers are seen entering the property with guns drawn.

The Hunters’ prudent use of technology is causing a buzz. Vincent will be a guest on Good Morning America tomorrow to discuss the attempted burglary. Janet, away in Germany on business, won’t be able to attend. But she’s still staying up to date on the action across the pond. She saw the video Vincent posted on YouTube Saturday morning Deutsch time, and even took a call from this reporter earlier today. While all the attention is fun, Janet (who dubbed herself iJanet and her husband, iVince) said it’s more than just a love fest for technology.

“We’re really hoping to catch these guys through this exposure,” Janet said.

The Hunters aren’t the only ones who are looking for the burglars, as another house on Royal Place was broken into earlier that same afternoon. However, these victims were not outfitted with iCams and their home alarm unfortunately malfunctioned, giving the burglars plenty of time to ransack the place.

I think I just discovered Apple’s next marketing campaign.

UPDATE: A third house, this one a mile away on Lawnhaven Road, has reported a burglary with a similar MO. The burglars entered the home on Monday through a window on the back patio while the owners were at work and “ransacked” the place. Both burglarized houses have been described as “ransacked.” Apparently the criminals are making quite a mess, not merely grabbing the goods and getting out of there.

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