Help Hillcrest HS Win Half a Million Dollars

Twenty schools will be on the receiving end of $10 million through the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program, and if Hillcrest plays its cards right, it could be one of them.

In  celebration of 10 years in  business, Kohl’s is donating $500,000 to the 20 schools with the highest votes on Facebook. The contest runs through Sept. 3. If you have a Facebook account, use this link to vote for HHS.

Once on the approved list of schools, the only remaining requirement is to have at least one idea posted on how the cash would be spent. The leading school, Silverstein Hebrew Academy in New York, has the ingenious idea to “help the children.” And they have 99,288 votes.

The leading candidates for project proposals at Hillcrest are:

1. Providing computer labs on wheels so students could check out the technology for projects and enrichment, submitted by Kathleen Weaver

2. Providing an E-reader to every student, eliminating the need for paper textbooks, submitted by Suzanne Nelson Montgomery. This proposal assumes that all required textbooks are currently available electronically, which would be pretty amazing.

Thus far, the voting performance has been lackluster, with only 105 votes. (The last five of which came from this reporter. I practice what I preach).

Come on parents, students, and staff. You each get five votes, so spread the word and the clicking power.

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