Wanna Eat Live Food?

How many layers of uncooked goodness do you count? Photo credit: Jorge Martinez

Apparently, you’re not alone. Due to parking expansion limitations, Bliss Raw Cafe and Elixir Bar on Greenville Avenue has combined operations with its cafe in Preston Center.

“We could have never predicted the popularity that the Greenville Avenue location would generate,” said Dee Pisarro, proprietor of Bliss cafe. “Our loyal clients have embraced our Preston Center location.”

Bliss ingredients are “uncooked, refined, fresh, and alive.” They are also free of gluten, sugar, and pesticides. Good  thing. I was getting tired of always having to say hold the Imazosulfuron when ordering a Caesar salad.

Pisarro is already working on a second health-conscious concept: The V-Spot. This restaurant will cater to the vegan/vegetarian community and is set to open on Henderson Avenue in December.

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