Thanksgiving Thieves Indulge on Open Windows, Unattended Property

If only burglars always dressed like this, we'd have no trouble spotting them.

The November holiday that brought many people out of town and into the mall also ushered in a wave of crimes. The biggest heist happened on Nov. 26 at 4:30 a.m. in  the 4300 block of Park Lane.

Two-time Olympic medalist Missy Schwen Ryan was out of town when a burglar entered her home through an unlocked bedroom window. Her home alarm went off, which Ryan believes caused the thief/thieves to only hit one room.

Too bad it was where Ryan kept her jewelry box.

The bad guys made off with $75,000 in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles. Ryan also lost two priceless items of Olympic memorabilia: a ring given to Olympians in 2000 and a necklace her coach had made during the 1996 games. When reached on  the phone Tuesday afternoon, Ryan seemed surprisingly upbeat. My guess is that the Hall of Fame rower feels pretty good about her chances should the burglars come calling when she’s home and armed with a paddle.

Elsewhere, NorthPark Center doubled its weekly quota of shoplifting and purse snatching.

Per Dallas Police Department Reports:

Nov. 16 to 22, nine instances of shoplifting and one stolen purse

Nov. 23 to 29, 17 instances of shoplifting and two stolen purses

While purses are typically stolen when left on tables or benches, on Black Friday one woman reported having her arm candy removed from around her neck and shoulder. And she didn’t even realize it until later. Check out the Dec. 3 edition of Preston Hollow People for the full rundown on Thanksgiving weekend crime.

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