Hockaday Refuses to Hibernate

Hockaday students missed four days of classes last week, thanks to inclement weather. But now — with more ruckus brewing in the skies and another closure possibly on the way — the school seems to be ready for anything.

Per a press release this afternoon, Hockaday has just launched a program that allows teachers to post assignments online and instruct students via e-mail, blogs, and discussion forums in lieu of regular classes. All faculty, students, and parents will get a special “remote learning alert” as the day begins, and (when storms seem to be imminent, as they are tonight) middle and upper-school students are instructed to bring laptops, textbooks, and other materials home with them.

For more about local schools’ answers to winter weather, check out Claire St. Amant’s story in this week’s issue of Preston Hollow People.

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