W.T. White Starts Informal Carpool

With temperatures in the teens and wind chills reaching single digits, a walk to the bus stop is pretty miserable, especially for those Texas born-and-bred. Although the cold temps seem to be on their merry way out, W.T. White isn’t taking any chances.The PTA has asked parents and teachers to drive past certain DART bus stops with long walks and offer students rides to their next pick-up point.

Since the DART stop at Welch was removed last year, students must walk to and from stops at Midway/Harvest Hill or Willow/Inwood. PTA member Beth Weller asks that all friendly chauffeurs have a W.T. White sticker displayed on their car so students know the connection. She also recommends that students travel in groups for safety. So go ahead kids, get in the car with strangers. Just as long as they are W.T. White-supporting strangers.

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