Help DISD Trim The Budget

If you’re the one who balances the checkbook at home, perhaps you’d like a bigger challenge. Dallas Friends of Public Education are looking to the masses for ideas on how to shave around $260 million off the budget. Some of the district’s proposed cuts include letting 31,000 campus employees go and cutting classroom supplies by $2.8 million. As these reductions directly affect students, they don’t sit so well with the Friends. So they’re asking for more creative ideas, namely those that target administrative cuts rather than classroom ones. An excerpt:

Consistent with our mission, DFPE will be advocating strongly to protect students from these deep cuts. That means finding ways to cut administrative overhead rather than classroom teachers and supplies. We want to identify every administrative budget that should be cut – everything from the outright wasteful to the “nice but something we can live without” – before classroom budgets are cut.

The Friends are holding two public meetings at the end of April and the beginning of May to gather input for presentation to DISD trustees and administration. To make your voice heard, go here. But beware, the CAPTCHA requires mental math.

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