These Girls Know How to Get Their Hands Dirty

Back row: Madeline Francis, Sophia Friguletto, Julia Cary, Rachel Midea (in rear), Emily Hea, Lauren Kandel, Kate Struthers, Jamie Wander, Kate Black, and Kristen Wander. Front row: Carly Masterson, Emma Ghighi, Kate Boyer, and Gretchen Langholz.

UP Elementary’s Brownie Troop 8536 did something that most girls consider icky and had fun doing it, too. The troop, led by Stacy Cary, picked up litter from all over Curtis Park on Feb. 15, even going so far as to fish stray garbage from the pond.

At their meeting, which was focused on community service, they also adopted projects to support the Ronald McDonald House and a local homeless shelter, Dallas Life Foundation,” Cary said. ” Each girl received a Community Service Award certificate signed by Gerry Bradley, UP Parks Director.”

One thought on “These Girls Know How to Get Their Hands Dirty

  • February 24, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    While I am the troop leader, I must give credit where credit is due! It was 3 other moms that put it all together: Carla Hea, Katharine Friguletto and Jennifer Kandal!


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