Different Strokes for Different Folks

We do a lot of portraits here at People Newspapers. Whether it’s focusing on someone who has a certain style or someone who has recently opened a new business or we have them answer a short questionnaire with answers about themselves, the photos should never try to be the same. But I regress. I also need to sometimes remind myself, “Ok the person in the photo is (or should be) the main focal point in the photo.” The other day at the Dallas Arboretum, I was hypnotized by how visually stunning some new playhouses were. This year’s theme is fairy tales. So there was a grand castle with impressive architectural traits, vivid colors and it was massive. The couple below was the feature of an upcoming questionnaire so I had them stand inside the castle. (If you must know they are chairman on a committee that oversees the playhouse project). This is eventually what I settled with after editing, although there are some unedited versions, zoomed out that show much more of the castle. But I really like the angles in this photo and how it all came together. The one nag I have is that I wish I had them both take a step or two to their left, so they were a little more centered under the door behind them. But as an editor that’s they type of stuff I notice, and just another live and learn moment!

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