To Use or Not To Use

I generally don’t use a whole bunch of photo applications on my IPhone. It really boils down to two reasons. One is I only have an 8GB phone so the more applications I add the slower my phone gets. And reason number two is I have not played around with enough applications to figure which ones are best. But two that I absolutely love are Old Camera and Hipstamatic. Above are some examples I took at a Circus and a recent Mardi Gras Parade. Anyone have any photo applications that they use on a regular basis? I would love to hear some reviews. I generally don’t use my phone for daily work, I see it more as an added function to my phone that can make photos so much more fun. Old Camera converts your phone photos into black and white. The end product gives photos that grainy appeal like the photo was taken with a film camera. With Hipstamatic the variations of changing film, flashes, lenses, adding gels offers an endless wave of possibilities for your photos. I highly recommend checking it out if your have not done so already.

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