Lowe’s Rezoning Debate Heats Up

For a while, a storm has been brewing about Lowe’s plans to add a large gas station to its lot at Forest Lane and Inwood Road. Residents from Melshire Estates as well as members of the Jesuit and St. Rita’s community are rallying together to prevent the proposal from passing.

On March 7, concerned parties met with Councilwoman Ann Margolin and city representatives to discuss the issue. Now the debate is moving past the point of conversation into one of action. In order to defeat the proposal, a petition with at least 200 signatures and a strong show of community opposition is needed at the upcoming City Plan Commission meeting.

If you’re passionate about this issue, mark your calendar for next Thursday.

WHERE: Dallas City Hall, council chambers

WHEN: 1:30 p.m., March 24

WHY: To voice your opinion about the Lowe’s Rezoning application

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