Rise and Shine, Park Cities (04-04-11)

1. Ka-freakin’-boom. If April showers really do bring May flowers, this morning’s storm will render quite a colorful spring. And remember, if you’ve been up since the crashing thunder started at 4:30 a.m. and find yourself  in desperate need of those lost ZZZs, there’s a way to do it on the fly.

2. Making plans for the week? Don’t forget to ink in the University Park Preschool Association’s Spring Market, Wednesday, April 6 from 8-5 at U.P. Elementary.

3. If you have a 5th grader at McCulloch or an 8th grader at Highland Park Middle School and you forgot to pack a lunch, you’re going to have one hungry, grumpy kid this afternoon. These students are in hyper TAKS mode and according to an e-mail sent by Bohac yesterday, deliveries aren’t being made to classrooms. So, really, do they let the kid starve?

I’m going out on a limb and callin’ some Bohac bluff- I bet they deliver. If you’re feeling a little Evil Kenevil and attempt this stunt, please report back.

4. Last, but not important or least, answer this: Would you rather spend one week as a UPPD cop or as the principal at an HPISD elementary school? And why? You can’t say neither, this is an if you had to sort of thing.

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