Rise and Shine, Park Cities (4/6/11)

1. After Phil Mickelson won the Houston Open, the Rangers remained undefeated last night, and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie women’s basketball team won the national championship (WHOOP!) I was certain that the Lady Scots soccer team was headed to the next round of playoffs. But sports editor Chuck Cox tells me the Lady Scots were handed at 2-1 decision by Rockwall last night, which is a total bummer. Maybe next year, gals.

2. The Dallas International Film Festival is still in full swing, and if you see a flick, remember to keep your ticket stub. The nice folks at several Mockingbird Station restaurants and bars will give you a 15 percent discount if you show it to them. It’s the perfect excuse to take a special someone to dinner and a movie.

3. And today is the University Park Preschool Association‘s annual Spring Market. From what co-chairs Jodi Perdue and Diane Swartzendruber say, there’s plenty of adorable stuff to be purchased. Shopping + fundraising = perfection.

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