Rise and Shine, Park Cities (4-14-11)

1. Yep, we’ve got more about Christie Crummel’s resignation in Friday’s issue of Park Cities People. For the record, this story is two or three times longer than last week’s [read comment-fire here], and relies in part on a police report.

Meanwhile, a network of former Belles, including at least one who danced with team when it was chartered back in the ’80s, are meeting this afternoon with HPHS principal Walter Kelly. As I understand it, the women see Crummel’s resignation as a done deal, but want Kelly to know the scope of Belles history before a new director starts calling the shots.


2. Night Lights — the ever growing, striking-to-visit program at Lovers Lane United Methodist for special needs kids and their siblings — pulled in $60,000 Saturday at its inaugural Shine On gala.

3. A promotion to benefit humanitarian aid in Japan ends today at Rugby* in Highland Park Village, so drop in while you have a chance. You’ll get 25 percent off any $150 + purchase, and 10 percent of proceeds will go to the cause.

*Huh. The store’s one location abroad is in Tokyo (Scroll to the bottom of that linked page. Domo).

3 thoughts on “Rise and Shine, Park Cities (4-14-11)

  • April 15, 2011 at 7:12 am

    If the senior’s parent told the truth to the police, that Crummel assaulted (shoved) a student, then why would the district take the Belles’ job away from her but allow her to keep her teaching job? If she’s dangerous, she’s dangerous.

    Georgia gave us the most complete account so far, but the story still doesn’t add up.

  • April 15, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Haven’t gotten my paper in the mail yet, but DemBones brought up a point I have been thinking about. If there were any actual level of concern regarind her treatment of the students, she would be gone. Not disciplined, not offered a demotion, nothing. She would have been fired on the spot. Obviously that is not the case.

  • April 18, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Just read the article. If Renee McKenney and Peter Foster’s allegations are true, the school board VP John Bunten needs to grow a thicker skin, learn some impulse control and, maybe, put down the bottle and/or start taking some happy pills. What a baby. And what a coward for not responding to Georgia’s request for comment. He is on tape, and the district has now effectively confirmed that the tape was authentic.

    Unrelated question for those who read the article: Is “sunshine on my [rear]” a good or bad thing?


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