Four-Year-Old Newspaper Helps Family

I got the oddest email today. A Home Depot returns facility in Mexico, Mo., had received a box full of memorabilia belonging to Harold Marckwardt. Most of the box’s contents concerned Mr. Marckwardt’s military service in the 1940s, but there was also a copy of the June 15, 2007 edition of Preston Hollow People (left), which featured a picture of a boy named Nathaniel Marckwardt. A Home Depot employee thought we might be able to help her track down the box’s owner.

I found only one Marckwardt listed on the Dallas Central Appraisal District’s website — Craig Marckwardt. I then found a phone number for Craig on and called. When the machine picked up, I started reciting the details of this odd email. But before I could finish the story, a woman breathlessly picked up the phone. It was Craig’s wife, Nathaniel’s grandmother, and Harold’s daughter-in-law.

As it turns out, Harold died recently in Mission Hills, Calif., and his son and daughter-in-law had packed five boxes of his possessions and shipped them to Dallas. But only four made it here. I have no idea how the fifth ended up in Mexico, Mo., but all parties involved now have each other’s phone numbers and email addresses. Glad we could help.

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