Squeezed Out of Reading at Barnes & Noble

I like to read in carpool line.  It is the only chance I get.  I could curl up with a book at home on the couch, but I would feel too guilty that I am not running errands, cooking or otherwise being productive.

The other day I headed to Barnes & Noble for a new book.  I also decided to pick up a gallon of milk at the Tom Thumb conveniently located at the same Preston Royal Village shopping center.  The problem is that I could barely fit my Infiniti QX 56 in any of the parking spaces in the lot in front of Barnes & Noble.

I circled twice and gave up on two parking places that were just too tight before squeezing into a spot.  After driving this monster car for over four years, like most carpooling, errand-running moms in the area I could thread a needle with this bad boy.  But parking at Preston Royal Village is a challenge even for the best of drivers.  Don’t parking lot planners know that this isn’t Paris where people drive Vespas and Smartcars, but Texas where cars, like my friends’ diamonds, are super-sized?

Once I parked I then struggled to get out of the car.  I practically needed Spanx and liposuction to wiggle out of my SUV without scratching the car next to mine.  By the time I got into Barnes & Noble I was in a bad mood and ended up with a book I’ll never read. On top of that, I was so annoyed I forgot the milk.

Mr. Thumb and Mr. Noble: Could you please redo the parking lot to accommodate cars real people drive?

Imani Chet Lytle

Imani Chet spends most of her time behind the scenes at People Newspapers handling design and marketing tasks, but you can occasionally catch her out and about covering the latest museum openings, musical concerts, and delicious new food menus in the area – and all through her trusty dusty iPhone camera. Catch some of the action on our instagram page: @peoplenewspapers

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