Blockbuster at Preston Royal Village to Close

It’s been a rough couple months for the businesses at Preston Road and Royal Lane. And although the news of Blockbuster closing isn’t likely to engender as strong of emotions as Border’s shutting down, it’s still disappointing to many customers.

Every number I found for Blockbuster corporate was either disconnected, unanswered,  or a private mailbox, and Blockbuster employees at the Preston Royal location refused to speak directly to the media about closing. So the details are a bit lacking on this, but I did interview a customer who was returning a movie Tuesday afternoon.

Brandy Morelli, an Oak Lawn resident, doesn’t normally patronize the Preston Road location, but when she went to her neighborhood store on Lemmon Avenue Monday to return a movie she had rented just 24 hours earlier, they were closed.

“They told me that I needed to go somewhere else to return it,” she said. “So, I came here, and they’re closing, too.”

Blockbuster is currently selling a selection of its inventory, but major discounts haven’t taken place yet. Only returns and purchases are being processed at the Preston Royal location. No word yet on an official closing date.

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