UP Resident Offers $2 Groupon Deal

Fuel City pops up on this blog from time to time – when it’s not being hailed by the Wall Street Journal — and apart from being a prime spot to get gas, stare at cattle, ponder the on-site swimming pool and succumb to your late-night food demons, it’s a great place to find owner John Benda, of  University Park.

If you’ve not been by, know that Benda, via Groupon, now aims to sell you the lowest-cost deal think I’ve ever seen on the website: $2 for “two medium cups of corn;” $3 for four tacos (hint: you’ll need at least four to equal a meal — they’re the legit, little-tiny kind with cilantro and lime); and $5 for a Ranch Special car wash (which usually goes for $15. And every wash includes free use of the vacuum cleaners. Do I sound like a commercial yet?)

Have fun.

One thought on “UP Resident Offers $2 Groupon Deal

  • July 27, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Bought 2 of each today–woohoo!


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