Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young

Remember the Los Angeles Dodgers? They’re the team that’s 12.5 games out of first place in the National League West. Aside from the MVP-worthy season of outfielder Matt Kemp, Highland Park High’s own Clayton Kershaw has been the lone standout.

His numbers — for those who only follow the Rangers – are staggering: a 2.28 ERA (best in the National League), 21 wins (tied for best in the NL), with 248 strikeouts (best in the NL). Check out the following stats:

Kershaw: 233.1 innings pitched, 66 runs allowed

Roy Halladay: 233.2 innings pitched, 65 runs allowed

Cliff Lee: 232.2 innings pitched, 66 runs allowed

If there ever was a case for a three-way tie for Cy Young, this would be the year. Except for one thing: fielding. When it comes to errors and fielding percentage (the guys helping out their pitchers from the infield or outfield), the Dodgers and the Phillies (the team Halladay and Lee play for) are some of the best teams in the league. But when it comes to assists and put-outs, the Dodgers rank dead last. That means Kershaw gets less outs from his teammates, prolonging innings and games.

He’s done more work in his 233.1 innings pitched than he’s needed to. Give him the award, and let’s have a parade down Preston Road.

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