Is Central Market’s Beer Aisle Too Close to St. Mark’s?

Today’s issue of Preston Hollow People includes a look at how things have changed in the 12 months since voters approved permits for beer and wine sales in stores. The chart accompanying the story said six stores in the area have acquired such permits, while a seventh — the Walgreens on the southeast corner of Preston and Forest — has applied for one.

Make that eight. I just found this on the agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:

A public hearing to receive comments regarding an application for and a resolution granting a variance to the alcohol spacing requirements from the St. Mark’s School of Texas required by Section 6-4 of the Dallas City Code to allow a wine and beer retailer’s off-premise permit for a general merchandise or food store greater than 30,000 square feet on property on the southeast corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane

I assume the store in question is the new Central Market.

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