HPDPS Chief Chris Vinson: AC/DC Fan

Highland Park Town Council meetings are usually a pretty cozy affair. It’s almost always just the council, some HP staff members, a few Junior League women, and me, with the occasional resident.

So when something happens in the chamber, everyone notices.

Today was DPS Chief Chris Vinson’s turn. His cell phone rang at the beginning of the meeting, ripping through the opening chords of AC/DC’s “Hells Bells.” I always took Vinson for a bit of a hard rock guy, so it fit perfectly.

Now if it had been Mayor Bill Seay’s phone, I probably would’ve fallen out of my chair.

3 thoughts on “HPDPS Chief Chris Vinson: AC/DC Fan

  • May 5, 2015 at 10:46 am

    Chief Vinson….when a vehicle in our town tries to ram a resident, and…… who was simply trying to cross the street, it would appear to me you would have an interest. Your refusing to take a report (or any report for this matter’s sake) seems to be a real eye brow raiser.

    And you want to know why some people do not trust the police? I do not know how some folks in this town sleep at night.

    My opinion.

    • May 8, 2015 at 10:54 am

      Since you clearly want someone other than Chief Vinson to respond by posting this on a 4 year old PC People blog post, I’ll bite. Please explain your scenario where “a vehicle in our town trie[d] to ram a resident.”

  • May 9, 2015 at 10:41 am

    …….I’ m still waiting on the permit that Highland Park Town Hall supposedly issued to the DCC to draw water from Turtle Creek to water their massive acreage. I wonder why the HP Park’s Director, Ronnie Brown, has not produced the permit to me he claimed HP issued to the DCC. Strange how under open records no permit seems to exist. By the way…..the State of Texas owns the water….and why hasn’t Chief Vinson taken action if true? Or Mayor Williams?…..or HP Town Council? Mr. Brown, tell HP what the truth is? I’m forced to wonder who really is the Chief of Police in HP? Maybe it’s that PAC…the Highland Park Community League? Let’s see how that sounds… Chief Highland Park Community League. And I say this chuckling.

    and….Mayor Joel Williams, III…..if the DCC has been receiving free water (and I’m not sure why Mr. Brown would tell me a fib)….. why have you and the HP Town council rammed a water rate increase recently on the majority of residents who actually have paid in HP? Sounds like you have used the dry N. Texas environment as an excuse to tax residents who have cut back usage, and it seems you are simply trying to recoup the water revenue losses. Is this really fair? It’s a little late Mayor Williams to play the environment card after you and the town council allowed airplane(s) to spray HP residents and property with poison for mosquitoes……….. and,…. violate our private property rights. I thought you folks on the council were Republicans. Or is that just a longtime myth?

    sad..sad..sad..that more folks do not stand up for the town.

    my opinions.


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