ESD Sanctions Hearing Set For Dec. 15

As you may recall, a jury handed down a $9.2 million verdict against the Episcopal School of Dallas in September. So why are we still talking about this?

1. Judge D’Metria Benson has not ruled on the final judgment, and based on arguments last month, it appears the award will be somewhere between $3 and 7 million.

2. In January and again in November, the plaintiffs filed some pretty serious sanctions against ESD. Benson heard the first part of those last month, and will hear the more recent accusations next week.

There’s no mention of a ruling in the court docket for Dec. 15, and cordial Court Coordinator Seth Little tells me the only guarantee for next week’s hearing is sanctions arguments. So don’t get your hopes up (like I did) for this case to wrap up before 2012.

As always, the court is open to the public. If you’d like to see the (dare I say final?) latest round of arguments, leave your weapons, recording devices, and digital cameras at home and head to County Court at Law No. 1, located on the fifth floor of the George Allen Courts Building, 600 Commerce Street. The hearing begins at 3 p.m.

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