Popular Stanford Professor Speaks on Child-Rearing

Dr. Carol Dweck, a Staford psychologist, and author of the book Mindset, hosted a lecture yesterday at The Lamplighter School discussing her research on the effect of praise towards students and how it cam impact their achievement and success.

Nearly 450 people attended the event, as well as 26 schools including ESD, Hockaday and St. Johns. The lecture was part of the Dolores Evans Speaker Series on child-rearing and was open to the public. The next lecture May 1 is also open to the public who RSVP and will feature Tom Kelley, General Manager of IDEO and author of The Ten Faces of Innovation.

“Dr. Dweck’s message about creating a growth mindset in our children is one which resonates for parents and educators.” said Hockaday Headmistress Kim Wargo. “One of our most important tasks is helping our children build resilience and perseverance. She believes that if we can encourage our children to embrace the moment of ‘I don’t know,’ then we will equip them to lead lives of purpose and meaning.”

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