HP Council and Employees Learn How to Save Your Life

Highland Park Councilman Stephen Rogers takes a break from Monday's CPR class. Everyone else is jealous.

When I walked up to the Highland Park Town Council meeting yesterday afternoon, I thought I was in the wrong place. From the end of the long hallway leading to the council chambers it looked like 20 men were doing push-ups, not prepping for session.

They weren’t push-ups exactly, but I wasn’t far off. The council and various city employees were participating in a CPR class, pumping away on dummy chests, trying to hit 100 compressions a minute. Town Secretary Gayle Kirby seemed the most determined, while Mayor Bill Seay had to tuck his tie into his shirt to keep it from impeding his lifesaving.

All things told, HP Town Hall may not be the worst place to have a heart attack.

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