Will Bakke to Appear on ‘The Price is Right’

Michael Allen, Matt Owen, Alex Carroll, and Will Bakke visited Paris while making "Beware of Christians."

Set your DVR to record Tuesday’s episode of The Price is Right. You’ll get to see Highland Park High School graduate Will Bakke.

Bakke dropped in on a taping of the game show last month while touring to promote his latest film, Beware of Christians. According to a press release I got from his publicist, he had to go by his given name, Wilbur, during the taping “due to legal reasons.” But during his airtime, Bakke was able to mention that he is a filmmaker in Austin, that he went to Baylor, and that he loves Jesus.

“The show is going to be hilarious,” Bakke said. “We freak out on national television. This tour keeps getting crazier.”

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