Preston Center Doubles Up on Construction

I dropped by Preston Center yesterday to check out its current construction woes: blocked and narrowed lanes, rough asphalt, parking issues, general clutter, and apparently a ton of customer complaints.

Turns out we’re looking at two separate city contracts, here — street and sidewalk repairs that’re slated to end in about a month on Westchester Drive, and a “water and wastewater replacement” project affecting Westchester and several surrounding streets, which is scheduled to run through fall.

If you ask Public Works and Transportation supervisor Demetrio Saenz, the whole twofer thing was sort of an annoying surprise.

“We were unaware” the Water Department planned to break ground around the same time, Saenz tells me, “and they won’t stop.” He says his street crew came first, about five weeks ago, followed by the water guys a week later. I’ll see what I can find out.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts? And has the construction hurt your time at Preston Center? If so, drop me a line at [email protected]

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