Crums Invite You to Skating Showdown

Mike Crum
Mike Crum gets some hang time at his skate park, Overground Project. (Staff photo by Chris McGathey)

When I had my stint as People Newspapers’ society editor, I often ran into Yvonne Crum at philanthropic parties and such. She is a friendly, funny, elegant woman in her early 70s (I know this last part because I looked it up), and I’ve always thought it cool that for decades and decades — until 2010 — she worked as hard at being at flight attendant as she does at volunteering and community service.

More Crum trivia, if you don’t already know: Yvonne’s son, Mike, is a well-known pro skateboarder who grew up  in a house on St. Johns Drive, right across the street from Armstrong Elementary. So back in the day, their place was the after-school pit stop for skating and snacks (young Mike even had a ramp in the backyard, which was “interesting,” says his mom, “to say the least”).

Anyway — full-circle, here — Yvonne reached out to me the other day about a fundraiser Mike is hosting this weekend at Overground, his skate park. It’s called Boneless One, and it’ll feature art, skate demos, “vert jams,” and live bands with names like Hood Rat. It is, says the well-coiffed senior Crum, “amazing.” It’s for a good cause, too; It benefits the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas.

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