MegaBus Comes to Dallas And I am Beyond Excited

Back east, my favored mode of city-to-city transportation was bus. For $10 or $15 each way, I could get from DC to New York, Baltimore to Philly, whatever.

Originally, the Chinatown bus system was the only low-cost purveyor of bus travel. With those low costs came a shifty safety record, speed freak bus drivers forced to do four DC-NY runs in a day, and the occasional chance that you’d get left at the Molly Pitcher Rest Area off I95.

Then MegaBus came along with its European attitude and free wi-fi, then Greyhound subsidiary Bolt Bus, with its fancy “leg room” and “clean bathrooms.” The buses still arrived in the strange alleys of the East Coast’s Chinatowns, but I didn’t leave with a searing yearn for a tetanus shot.

Now, all of this can be yours. MegaBus announced Dallas service today, with routes to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Del Rio, and San Angelo, as well as out-of-state stops in Memphis, Little Rock, and Norman. Oh, and the best thing? Routes start at $1 each way.

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