Park Cities Media Roundup

While Highland Park and University Park are the sole focus of our publication, Park Cities residents find their merry way into other media outlets as well. Dan pointed out one example on Saturday. Here are two more:

1. In the June issue of D Magazine, Sarah Hepola writes about the role the University Park Pool played in her coming-of-age story.

2. In a letter to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, Highland Park resident David Gershner opines about the 14th Amendment. Because a subscription (and gratuitous scrolling) is required, I’ve pasted the letter after the jump.

14th Amendment non-negotiable

The federal appeals court in Boston ruled unanimously against DOMA on Thursday. Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously in 2009 against discrimination of gay people who want to marry. Both cited the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Some religious people, mostly Republicans, will say the courts are interfering in religious freedom. Do they ever consider that religious people, mostly Republicans, are interfering in constitutional rights of gay and lesbian taxpayers?

It is vital that all Americans understand that the liberty protected by the 14th Amendment, like the equal protections of any citizen under the law and U.S. Constitution, is not subject to Bible quotations.

David Gershner, Highland Park

One thought on “Park Cities Media Roundup

  • June 5, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I would find it interesting to read a blog that wasn’t bounded by events that take place within the Park Cities.

    I would welcome a blog that also includes what Park Cities People think about events that take place outside the Park Cities.

    Something that I have seen on other blogs that I liked was the archive feature. Posts are archived so that if the topic becomes of interest again, people can post a comment and that shifts the topic back into the active part of the blog. It works so that the most recently commented on topic jumps to the front again.

    I also like the blog feature that allows for different sections. One for general discussion. One for a “lounge” area where the topics are usually social.

    Just because this is a neighborhood newspaper does not mean it can’t be a force for knowledge, discussion and social interests.

    Bursting the Bubble.


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